Principle & Will Biotech-Stand the "first whistle" of anti-epidemic and build a "guard wall" of epidemic prevention

Editor:宏昌生物医疗科技(平湖)有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-05-09 

After the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in early 2020, the nation started a war to prevent and control the epidemic. The national medical and nursing forces are rapidly assembled, medical equipment is urgently allocated, living materials are guaranteed in a timely manner, and production enterprises work overtime ... The country immediately enters an emergency preparation state, and a war against epidemic without smoke has started.

In this nationwide battle, many companies spontaneously provided "battle preparation materials" for this battle.

(Principle & Will Biotech donated "war preparations" to Pinghu Federation of Trade Unions)

Among them, Principle & Will Biotech, a professional medical device manufacturer, urgently recalled employees during the first year of the outbreak of the Chinese New Year, restarted the mask production line that had been suspended for many years, and produced full-time 24 hours of non-stop production of masks. Partly donated to the city headquarters.

(Principle & Will Biotech donated caring materials to the city headquarters)

(Principle & Will Biotech donated caring materials to the city headquarters)

A mask from the factory production line to the hands of medical staff needs to go through many specific links such as capital investment, raw material procurement, worker induction, production, transfer, transportation and so on. If something goes wrong, it will change from foolproof to foolproof.

(Materials required for making masks)

Fighting the epidemic is a national war. Principle & Will Biotech has mobilized from enterprises to individuals, and has gone all out to ensure the production, supply and allocation of medical material masks, providing a strong way to win this "invisible war." Strong support.

(Busy workers in production workshop)

Up to now, 500 employees of Principle & Will Biotech have returned to their posts one after another. Although Principle & Will Biotech is not a mask manufacturer, the restarted mask production line has not stopped. It still delivers masks to governments and enterprises at all levels day and night. The daily output of mask machines has also been increased from the original 3,000 to 10,000, 15,000, and up to the current 100,000.

(The workers didn't stop to rush to masks)

This is the institutional advantage of Principle & Will Biotech's concentrated efforts to do great things, and it is also the strength of all employees to unite.

(Can make their own "contribution" to this battle, everyone smiled happily)

Lu Peijun, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Fund Review Committee, was not afraid of Principle & Will Biotech during the epidemic and quickly devoted himself to the work of "epidemic disease", taking the initiative to take social responsibilities and do a good job in the production and protection of epidemic prevention materials The material supply effectively helped the prevention and control of the epidemic and the overall situation was highly praised.

(Lu Peijun, the director of the Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade Union Fund Review Committee, and his delegation came to condolences)

Principle & Will Biotech is a professional manufacturer of disposable non-woven medical devices. It is one of the larger enterprises in the industry and is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise.

(Clean and tidy production workshop)

Main production and operation of high-tech non-woven surgical gowns, surgical bags, surgical drapes, surgical masks, shoe covers, cleaning towels, and labor protection protective work clothes, isolation clothes, experimental clothes, etc .; technology development and technical services in the field of biotechnology; Wholesale and import / export of plastic products and daily-use metal tools.

(Wearing standardized production room workers)

The company is located in No. 2000, Xingping 2nd Road, Pinghu Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. The English name is Principle & Will. The production base covers a total area of 97,007m2 and a building area of 147005m2.

(Aerial view of Principle & Will Biotech)

After the SARS epidemic in 2003, the company was listed as the "National Emergency Emergency Center" medical device filing enterprise by the first batch of the Ministry of Health. The company has complete production equipment and testing instruments, has an enterprise broadband local area network and an enterprise ERP computer management system, and basically realizes full information management.

(Principle & Will Biotech internal picture)

He has accumulated more than a quarter of years of experience in this industry, and has obtained ISO13485 quality management system certification, CE international product quality certification, and medical device manufacturing licenses approved by the China Food and Drug Administration.

Most of the company's products are sold in the Americas and Europe, and a small part of the products are sold to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and other Asia-Pacific regions. Signed long-term supply contracts with major multinational companies in the world, the business development prospects are unlimited.

(Principle & Will Biotech part of the product picture)

Principle & Will Biotech is not only a capable and responsible company, but also a heart-warming company that cares for its employees.

In addition to employees' seniority awards, attendance awards, year-end awards, paid leave, insurance and other benefits, the company also provides employees with intimate food and accommodation (providing a couple's room) and three meals plus supper.

The dormitory provides hot water 24 hours, and there is also a supermarket and laundry room inside, making life extremely convenient.

The company is equipped with a central air conditioner, which is clean and comfortable. The company provides free chartered car service for every employee for the Chinese New Year, including package delivery and package delivery.

(Principle & Will Biotech has prepared a private car for employees)

Billiards, table tennis and other leisure and entertainment facilities are not indispensable, and employees can develop their own hobbies during their free time. Organize various cultural and sports activities and tourism, and organize birthday celebrations for employees every quarter, and distribute welfare supplies on holidays.

The company also regularly trains employees on work skills, arranges regular medical examinations, and pays attention to the health of every employee.

Principle & Will Biotech, as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, upholds the company's development philosophy and is committed to creating the best products in the industry.

In this epidemic, we actively responded to the call of the country, bravely shouldered social responsibilities, worked hard on the front line, and overcome the difficulties together, providing a strong guarantee for the most beautiful retrogressors. In the future, the company will also maintain its original intention, without fear of challenges, with an open mind, build a stronger team, maximize the personal value of the enterprise, and continue to shine for the society.