Recognition of Outstanding Employees in 2021- Serious, Pragmatic, and Concerted Leap Forward

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2021-12-15 22:16:30
n 2021, we have a group of outstanding employees in ordinary work positions who are silently making efforts and contributions to delivering protective materials to the frontline of medical care under the normal epidemic situation. It is precisely because of their positive and serious work quality, willingness to help others, and courage to take on responsibilities that we have the confidence to face a better 2022 together!

Chen Songping, Wang Tiantian

【High efficiency and good quality】
This group of employees had outstanding work efficiency in 2021, with the highest annual average efficiency of the main process (bulk folding) in the entire workshop, reaching 68 seconds per piece. Chen Songping and Wang Tiantian are important leaders in the single folding process, are our excellent employees, and are a role model worth learning from!
Chen Yan

【 Solid and hardworking, with strong learning ability】
This employee performed excellently in 2021 and worked diligently. In the early stages of workshop production transformation, she actively cooperated and faced the entire line's transition from surgical gowns to single lay production. After multiple collaborations, Chen Yan was able to persevere and accept new partners and learn new skills. In just two months, you have mastered multiple process skills, and four of them (seal, adhesive, folding, and medical film) have all reached 91% or more of the standard production capacity. Chen Yan's tenacity performance has also explained to us that "there is no difficult thing in the world, only those who care". I believe that you can become an elite after transformation!
Feng Huashun

【Proactive, diligent, and willing to take on responsibilities】
This employee performed excellently in 2021. Not only did they work diligently and diligently in packaging operations, but they also had a high level of cooperation. They were also able to actively learn new process skills when adjusting the process. So far, they have done processes such as stamping, spraying, pasting, folding, and wrapping cloth. They have no complaints when needed to be transferred, and what's even more precious is that Feng Shunhua took the initiative to take on the routine work of the line leader on the packaging line during the resignation and leave period of the line leader, Taking the lead in cooperating with the workshop to complete the production and packaging tasks with quality and quantity assurance, his positive cooperation and courageous spirit are commendable and worth learning!
Xiong Junwei

【 Loving and dedicated, willing to help others 】
This employee has performed exceptionally well in 2021. In addition to being diligent and dedicated in their work, they also possess excellent qualities of being willing to help others. This year, Xiong Junwei has taken the initiative to apply for extended overtime to meet order delivery times multiple times when the workshop delivery time is tight. Through operational methods, she saves production materials. What's more valuable is that she often patiently teaches new employees or process changing employees how to stick glue and aluminum strips at work, actively helping new line managers grasp the online production situation, warming people and things around her like the sun. This spirit is worthy of our praise and learning!
Wang Changmin

【 Serious and pragmatic, with a strong sense of responsibility 】
This employee has performed exceptionally well in 2021, with a solid work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility. This year, the cutting platform under Wang Changmin's responsibility has zero quality deficiencies throughout the year, and can always achieve planned tasks with better cutting efficiency than other platforms. He is a benchmark practitioner in helping the cutting workshop achieve various production goals. His pragmatic work spirit is commendable and worth learning from!
Group photo of outstanding employees

In the new year, we hope that all employees can continuously improve their comprehensive literacy, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and pioneering spirit, and create new achievements for the company.