Passionate Mid Autumn Festival · Caring for Employees | Distributing Mid Autumn Festival Gifts

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2022-09-13 22:43:46
The spring river tide connects with the sea level, and the bright moon on the sea grows together with the tide. In this festival of fragrant osmanthus and full moon, in order to thank all employees for their hard work and contributions to the company, and to make everyone feel the warmth and care of the company, the company union has prepared and distributed holiday gifts to all employees.



On September 7th, we neatly arranged the Mid Autumn Festival gifts filled with blessings and distributed them to each employee's hands. Brilliant smiling faces, busy figures, and blessings of peace are conveyed in our hands. At this moment, happiness and happiness linger around every employee's side.


The gifts of the Mid Autumn Festival, filled with heartfelt care, bring laughter and emotion to everyone. The benefits are held in our hands and warmed in our hearts, allowing us to feel the atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival and the warmth of our home.