Collective Birthday Party - Warm Moments, Together with You and Me

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2022-11-02 00:02:26
Years witness growth, time engraves the birth of a happy life, endows birthdays with special significance. With a cry, you announce your arrival to the world. Life requires a sense of ceremony. Every birthday is worth commemorating. One person's birthday is self gratification. Two people's birthdays are harmonious and sweet. The birthdays of a group of people are definitely worth remembering forever

Employee birthday party

anuary 19th

The union has arranged a meeting for everyone

A special birthday "party"

Everyone spends time together with joy

A meticulously arranged birthday party scene

A dazzling array of delicacies

And joyful laughter

This is not just a birthday party

It's a time for neighbors to be together


Special birthday cards, colorful balloons

Fresh cakes, rich fruits

Reflecting the warm atmosphere of birth day,

Everyone on site sang 'Happy Birthday' in unison,

With the sound of music,

The "birthday stars" make a wish together,

Cut the cake together, everyone,

There was constant cheers at the event site,

Taking out their phones to record this happy moment



It must be a special fate

That's how we get together

And every happy moment of exclusive family

We all remember it in our hearts

In your name

Spend a wonderful time together