There are many activities for staying at the factory during the Chinese New Year, making it a happy

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2023-01-27 00:08:56
The Spring Festival is a day of reunion, but due to the epidemic, many employees choose to stay at the factory for the Chinese New Year. To thank each employee for their stay, the company's labor union specially holds a small celebration for the auspicious and good luck of the Year of the Tiger on the 29th of the year, celebrating the New Year with employees. A steaming Chinese New Year dinner
The cheers and laughter of employees
Intertwined together, becoming the warmest moment of winter


Everyone sat around chatting about relaxed topics

Raise glasses to each other and enjoy themselves harmoniously

There is also a tea party session for guessing lantern riddles

Event site

Colorful lanterns hanging in the air

Appearing particularly festive

A piece of paper with riddles hanging under the lantern

The content includes word puzzles and idiom puzzles, etc

The answer is comprehensive

Mystery and wit abound

Successfully guessing lantern riddles and receiving exquisite small gifts



Celebrate the New Year with lanterns and colorful decorations, and work together to compose a new chapter.