Qingyuan Qing - This hoop game is too high

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2023-01-01 00:16:21
Today, a labor union activity full of childlike fun was held at the Workers' Home - the game of "Hooping the Fortune Circle and Celebrating New Year's Day", with laughter constantly rising. Come and experience the joy of childhood!

Our trap game not only does not require payment, but also has many delicious snacks, drinks, and big red envelopes neatly placed on the ground. Each person has 10 traps, and you can trap whatever you want, all based on whether the traps in your hand are obedient.



The "tumbling", "leaping", and "Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers" hoop scene is like a children's playground.

Lucky friends can receive many red envelopes, while unlucky ones can also receive gifts~
Adults' circle games are so simple and happy, but because of their simplicity, everyone has a high level of participation and can combine work and rest. While experiencing the joy brought by the game, they also feel the humanistic care provided by the company.