Concentrate and gather energy, forge ahead - we strive on the road "theme group building activi

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2022-11-02 00:19:57
Accompanied by the warm sunshine

Stay away from the hustle and bustle

Relieve fatigue and approach nature

Lawn lake water, blue sky and white clouds

Restore innocence and beauty

Now let's follow the text and pictures

Let's review this event together
Activity photos



Let go of work, let go of worries, and stay away from stress, let's set off easily

On the afternoon of October 22nd

We drove to the beautiful Jiashan Yaozhuang Henggang

Riding a bike to the lawn

Free activities after giving flags and taking group photos

Visiting Beautiful Countryside, Ten Thousand Acres of Colorful Rice Fields

Everything beautiful begins


n games such as tug of war, two legged, and kangaroo jumping,

Participants cooperate with each other, care for each other, and inspire each other,

Showing the courage to constantly strive and overcome challenges


The smoke and fire in the world are the most soothing to the hearts of mortals

Everyone moved their hands

Chicken wings, squid, sausages, beef and other delicacies are on the barbecue rack

The fragrance overflows and makes one drool

Happy times are always so short

This group building activity ended unknowingly in our laughter and laughter

One person can walk quickly

But a group of people can go even further

This team building activity

Reflect poetry and distance before your eyes

Enriched life, cleansed the soul, and comforted emotions

We will remain steadfast in our original intention and unwavering in our enthusiasm

Write a brand new chapter in the future journey