International Women's Day on March 8th | The Most Beautiful Flowers for Her

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2022-03-08 00:22:47
The bright March comes in style

The wind blows on the face, giving rise to new hope

Flowers, blooming, fragrance seeping into my heart

In this warm and poetic season

We have welcomed our own holiday

——International Women's Day on March 8th

To celebrate the arrival of "Goddess Day" and further enrich the cultural life of employees in their spare time, the Hongchang Trade Union held a flower arrangement activity.

Accompanied by the fragrance of flowers, a floral journey officially sets off. At the event, the goddesses used their dexterous hands to meticulously match various ordinary flower materials according to different colors and shapes.

Branches of flowers and leaves, meticulously conceived and cleverly matched by everyone, have become creative and exquisite small flower basket works. Goddesses encounter the most beautiful themselves in their own unique way.


To express gratitude for the hard work of the female employees and express their love for them, the trade union has also carefully prepared gifts for all female employees, allowing them to have a happy and warm holiday.

A carnation and a gift, wishing all the goddesses in the factory smooth work, happy life, and more beautiful and healthy!