I volunteer to assist in the frontline of epidemic prevention in the fight against the epidemic

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2022-02-10 00:33:40
March was an extraordinary month, and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic shattered this beauty, causing Pinghu to press the pause button and calming down this noisy city. The news of the epidemic one after another every day touches the hearts of all the people of Pinghu.

At the first moment of the outbreak of the epidemic, the company immediately organized the donation of protective clothing to supply the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, and took practical actions to assist in epidemic prevention and control work.



Chairman Li Dandan, union member Dan Hui, and union member Zeng Weizhao of the company's trade union actively responded to the call when they received the recruitment notice for volunteers from the Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions. They participated in the volunteer team fighting against the epidemic and had only one belief in the face of the epidemic: to give up their family and serve everyone.


On site, they helped arrange sampling points and platforms, maintain order on site, and patiently answered relevant questions.

Winter has passed, and spring will eventually come. Recently, the Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions sent an honor certificate and a thank-you letter, expressing sincere gratitude and high praise to the company and their participation in epidemic prevention volunteering during the epidemic period.

The epidemic is merciless, and prevention has love; Unity and unity in protest. There are no heroes falling from the sky in the world, only mortals who stand up. In this chilly spring, thank you for standing up for this "battle"!