Meet Beijing, we're here!

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2023-06-05 10:58:18


In order to enrich the collective life of all employees, enhance communication and exchange among colleagues, and also allow everyone to relax and engage in their work with a full spirit and a more positive attitude, the company's labor union specially organizes employees to travel to Beijing.


Climbing the Badaling Great Wall
The Great Wall is a must-see tourist attraction for many people to visit Beijing, and the most famous Great Wall in Beijing is the Badaling Great Wall. As the saying goes, 'If you don't reach the Great Wall, you're not a hero.' After climbing the Great Wall, you truly feel the grandeur in this sentence.

Visit Beijing Olympic Park
The Olympic Park is a landmark building for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The azure water cube and bird's nest, round and square, reflect China's architectural concept of "round sky and place", and also feel the Olympic spirit here.
Second station

Flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square
The flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square is a very solemn and grand ceremony. The national flag is a symbol of the country and also a pride of the nation. The national flag brings not only glory but also a patriotic sentiment to people. Everyone watched the flag raising ceremony amidst the crowd and took photos in the square to commemorate it.

the Palace Museum
While admiring the magnificent ancient buildings and rich cultural and historical relics of the capital Beijing, we can also feel the profound historical heritage and advanced modern atmosphere of the capital Beijing. We can also deeply feel the long history and profound cultural accumulation of the Chinese nation, and feel the prosperity of our great motherland. We feel extremely proud of the great achievements of our great motherland.

Shichahai Scenic Area
Experience the Beijing style culture of the old Beijing people in Laobei Hutong. While enjoying the natural scenery, one can also increase their knowledge of Beijing's history, humanities, folk customs, and ancient architecture.

Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven was first built in the 18th year of the Yongle reign of the Ming Dynasty (1420) and is a typical temple. It was a place where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped the gods of heaven and earth and prayed for a bountiful harvest. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, commonly known as the Wuliang Hall, does not require large beams, long purlins, or iron nails. The entire building relies entirely on 28 Optimus Prime pillars and numerous beams, wooden beams, beams, supports, and tenons.


be home
The significance of traveling may never have been to see the scenery. Mountains are mountains, water is water, rivers return to rivers, and roads return to roads. Everything lies in the search itself. Walking and seeing are the greatest significance. This trip to Beijing has broadened everyone's horizons and shocked their hearts. During the trip, everyone has experienced the famous landmarks of the capital and the prosperity of their motherland. Let's make an appointment next year and prepare for our next departure!