People are diligent, spring comes early, and striving is just the right time! The company distribute

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2023-02-03 11:05:00
The sound of firecrackers comes to my ears, wishing you a warm heart.

Financial resources are rolling in, and money is constantly flowing in.

Cheers spread for a long time, but laughter lingers.

Life is full of pride,

Good luck when starting work!
Happy New Year and good luck starting work

The new year brings a new atmosphere and good luck for construction.
New Year's New Weather

Accompanied by a strong New Year atmosphere, the chairman of the company's labor union sent heartwarming New Year greetings and red envelopes to each employee. The sound of blessings and red envelopes expressed the company's love for every employee.

Each red envelope contains good wishes for the future prosperity of the company, and everyone immediately shared the joy of receiving New Year's greetings on their Moments.
Start work, good luck comes

Everyone happily received the red envelopes of blessings, and everyone's faces were filled with surprising smiles, truly feeling the warm blessings of the company. Returning to work in high spirits, everyone embarked on the journey of the new year with a good spirit.