Caring for Employees and Focusing on Health - The Company's Labor Union Organized the 2023 Empl

Author:HONG CHANG │ Data:2023-11-03 00:28:19
Caring for the health of employees
To ensure the physical health and safety of employees, further implement the people-oriented development concept. In September 2023, the Hongchang Trade Union organized a physical examination for all members. Due to the large number of members, Hongchang divided the staff into four batches of chartered cars and sent them to the hospital for physical examination.
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In order to do a good job in this physical examination, the company's labor union carefully organized the early stage, combined with the routine items of the physical examination and the health status of the employees, and customized a reasonable set of physical examination items. This physical examination includes more than ten items, including internal surgery, electrocardiogram, abdominal ultrasound, CT, ophthalmology, blood routine, and urine routine. According to the actual work situation of employees, issue a notice in advance to remind them of the precautions for physical examination.
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After the medical examination report was released, on October 31st, in collaboration with the Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions, a&quo; Specializing in precision and novelty; Strong development, trade union warmth, and health delivery; During the activity, expert physicians were invited to the factory to provide consultation and clarification on the "Physical Examination Report" for employees, and the action of caring for their physical health was implemented, which was highly praised by the employees~