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Scrub V Neck

Scrub V Neck


product nameBrush hand pants
raw material nameSMS OR SPP dark blue or dark green opaque
Product SizeCustomized according to clinical needs
QtyCustomized according to customer needs
Product FeaturesSoft and skin-friendly

Precautions for product use:

1. Brush hand clothes can only be worn in the operating room. After the operation is over, the surgeon should change the hand-brushing gown when leaving the operating room, and shall not leave the operating room wearing the hand-brushing gown.

2. When nurses and anesthesiologists in the operating room need to leave the operating room due to work, they should change their hand-brushing clothes, or wear gowns in addition to the hand-brushing clothes, and take off the gowns immediately after returning to the operating room.

3. The scrub clothes worn by nurses and anesthesiologists in the operating room should be changed at least once a day.

4. In a continuous operation, the hand-washing gown should be replaced when the infection operation is followed by a non-infectious operation.

5. Itinerant nurses and anesthesiologists who undergo infection surgery should be fixed, and they should not be allowed to enter other operating rooms, warehouses, living and working areas, etc., and they should change their hand-washing clothes after surgery.

6. The hand brush after use should be placed in the collection container, not anywhere.

7. At the end of the work day, the operating room should collect the used hand-brushing gowns and send them to be cleaned and autoclaved.

8. Patients' blood, body fluids and other obviously contaminated hand clothes should be replaced immediately and sent for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization

9. Damaged and discarded hand brushes should be treated as infectious medical waste.

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