Hoodless Coveralls

Hoodless Coveralls
Hoodless Coveralls
Hoodless Coveralls


product nameMedical disposable overalls
raw material name63g breathable laminating material
Product SizeCustomized according to clinical needs
QtyCustomized according to customer needs
Product performance

This product implements the GB 19082-2009 "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing" standards (except for Type 4.3, 4.8 flame retardant performance, 4.10 static attenuation performance, 4.12.2 sterility (not applicable), 4.13 ethylene oxide residue Quantity (not applicable) outside).

Product use range:

It is used to provide barrier and protection for the blood, body fluids and secretions of potentially infectious patients that clinical medical staff come into contact with at work.

Precautions for product use:

1. The product is for one-time use and repeated use is prohibited.

2. Check the integrity of the package before use. If the package is found to be damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use it.

3. Products are provided non-sterile.

4. It is recommended to use it for no more than 12 hours.

5. When it is contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, or dirt, it should be replaced in time.

6. Dispose of the product in accordance with the requirements of "Medical Waste Management Regulations" after use.

7. Products that have not been sterilized cannot be used in an environment with aseptic requirements.

8. The flame retardancy of the product has not been verified.

9. Protective clothing can only be worn and taken off in the specified area.

10. Check the protective clothing for damage before wearing it; do not make the sleeves touch the face and collar when wearing it. If there is leakage or damage, it should be replaced in time; care should be taken to avoid pollution when taking off 

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