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Spinal Incision Surgery Kit

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Parameter specifications
Product Name:Spinal Incision Surgery Kit

1 Instrument table towel 160x230cm
1 Chest and abdomen large single
2 Attached with adhesive bone single 150x200cm
1 Waterproof treatment towel with adhesive backing
2 Needle bag
1 Instrument tray cover
1 Extended surgical gown
1 hand towel
            3             Surgical gown

Product size:Customized according to clinical needs
Packing quantity:Customized according to clinical needs
Product Usage Scope:For one-time use by medical units during surgery on patients。
Medical Device Production License Number:Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Supervision Equipment Production License No. 20130177
Medical Device Registration Certificate Number:ZXZZ No.20152140003
Product technical requirement number:ZXZZ No.20152140003
Product performance:The surgical bag is sterilized with ethylene oxide, and the residual amount of ethylene oxide at the factory should not exceed 10ug/g. The product has been sterilized
Storage and transportation conditions: The packaged surgical bag should be stored indoors with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, free from corrosive gases, dry, well ventilated, and clean. Transportation shall be carried out using general means of transportation or in accordance with the provisions of the supply contract.
Notes and other prompts:
1. The product is intended for patients and doctors who require surgery.
2. Before use, please pay attention to the sterilization label and expiration date on the packaging bag. If there is no sterilization label or the expiration date has been exceeded, it is strictly prohibited to use.
3. This surgical towel bag is a disposable product and cannot be reused. Please destroy it after use.
4. Before opening the packaging bag, please visually inspect it for any damage. If there is any damage, it cannot be used.
5. When using, nurses should follow the doctor's guidance and the order of placement of the components inside the surgical towel bag, respectively, and cover the main surgical sheet in the correct position on the patient's body. Remember not to touch the inside of the main surgical sheet with both hands to avoid contamination.
6. After unfolding, if any part of the main surgical sheet is found to be damaged, unglued, with missing parts, foreign objects, or gaps that can leak, do not use it.
7. This product should avoid contact with flames and extremely hot objects to avoid combustion.
8. This product is sterilized with ethylene oxide and has a validity period of three years.


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