Standard Surgical Gown

Standard Surgical Gown
Standard Surgical Gown
Standard Surgical Gown
Standard Surgical Gown
Standard Surgical Gown
Standard Surgical Gown


Product nameDisposable surgical gown-standard type
raw material nameSMMS and Spunlace
Product SizeCustomized according to clinical needs
QtyCustomized according to clinical needs
Product use rangeSuitable for medical staff entering the operating room to prevent liquid splashing during the operation
Medical device production license numberZhejiang Food and Drug Administration Apparatus Production Xu No. 20130177
Medical device registration certificate numberZhejiang Machinery Note 20152140476
Product technical requirement numberZhejiang Machinery Note 20152140476
Product performanceThe surgical gown is sterilized with ethylene oxide, and the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not exceed 10μg/g when leaving the factory. The product has been sterilized.

Storage and transportation conditions:

The packaged surgical gown should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated, clean room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas. Transportation shall be carried out by general means of transportation, or shall be transported in accordance with the provisions of the supply contract.

Notes and other tips:

1. Before use, please pay attention to the sterilization mark and expiration date on the packaging bag. If there is no sterilization mark or the expiration date has expired, use is strictly prohibited.     

2. This surgical gown is a disposable product and cannot be reused.    

3. Before opening the packaging bag, please visually check whether the packaging bag is damaged. If it is damaged, it cannot be used.    

4. When wearing, please stretch both hands directly into the sleeves and then open your arms to open the clothes, so that the surgical gown can be worn on the body naturally. Remember not to touch the outside of the surgical gown with both hands, and the nurse will help to tie the waist belt.    

5. After wearing, if you find any damage to the surgical gown or the belt falling off, please do not use it again.    

6. Avoid contact with flames and extremely hot sources of this product to avoid burning.    

7. Disposal of this product after use should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the medical unit.    

This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is valid for three years   

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