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Quality Management Quality Policy

  • Quality-oriented

  • Full participation

  • Customer success

  • Technology

Quality certificate

ISO13485:2016,ISO11135:2014,CEauthentication,Medical device production license, domestic Class II product registration certificate, such as disposable surgical uniforms, disposable surgical towels and bags; Domestic Class I product registration certificate, such as isolation clothing, medical isolation shoe covers, etc.

Quality system

The product quality system runs through product design and development, supplier management, raw material procurement, incoming inspection, production and processing, process inspection, finished product warehousing inspection, sales and after-sales service.

in production

Products are produced in control workshops, including 100000 level purification workshops and 300000 level control workshops.

test environment

The testing environment company is equipped with production equipment and corresponding inspection equipment for the product

Inspection Process

Strictly following the requirements of the quality management system, products can be released after receiving material inspection, process inspection, and finished product inspection.

Inventory management

Raw materials and finished products are stored in the warehouse, and the warehouse environment is checked and recorded daily.